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News from the Bunker

Good morning all.

I hope this message finds you well and sane. It's a strange time to be alive indeed. I still set an alarm before bed every night, trying to maintain a semblance of a schedule. It's odd, this is the future I wanted, isn't it? All the time in the world to draw and focus on my projects. But it appears I asked for it too soon.

Just a few weeks ago, I exhausted myself canvassing for Bernie Sanders. When I went to his rallies, I felt alive with an energy of hope that I'd never felt before. Deep down I think I always knew it was too good to be true, the idea that I might actually get to vote for a candidate I wholeheartedly believe in. And Super Tuesday was a blow-- now it feels like a lifetime ago. Had anyone told me I'd be out of a job and under statewide shelter-in-place orders three weeks ago, I would've said it will never happen. And yet, here we are. Some are under much worse circumstances than I am, and I'm trying to gather my thoughts and feelings every morning as a new normal constantly evolves.

For what it's worth, I am drawing every day. I'm at the point in my process where my hand does the motion and my brain doesn't have to think too much-- which is ideal because I couldn't think much anyway. My brain is adrift, it's not a good time to be a person with mental illness... But I am blessed to have access to regular healthcare and my necessary medication. I find my footing in podcasts and radio shows-- listening to people talk about what comes next reminds me that this moment is not eternal. I highly recommend finding your own version of this, ideally something that is on daily, so you may feel among friends.

All comic shows are cancelled until, at the very least, August. MCAD senior show and graduation are cancelled. But, a comic is still happening soon. It's called I Don't Want to be Famous. It's 32 pages long. It's very sad. I will be posting some process pages on Patreon.

When it is finished, you'll know about it. I probably won't be able to shut up about it. And the ability to work on it right now is in huge part thanks to my patrons. I am immensely grateful to every single one of them who continues to support me in times of uncertainty. If you're not a supporter on Patreon, I get it, times are tough. I will say that is the #1 way to support me and my art right now.

I would like to end by sharing this link provided by the Bernie Sanders campaign. It's a split donation link, as the Sanders campaign is now using their platform to organize a movement of support for workers and folks most affected by the crisis.

I also want to throw in this link to my Patreon, as I'm taking advantage of this time to start shipping out some art and books to the folks who directly support me. But if your budget is tight and you have to choose between the two, go with the $27 donation to the Sanders Campaign.

That's all for today. Here's the song for today's post. I find Mark Hollis's voice so soothing at times as lonely as these.

Stay home, stay safe, stay sane.

Much love,


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