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Upcoming Shows, release dates, etc etc

Good Wednesday morning all. I woke up at 4am because there was a storm outside, but naturally there was also a storm in my head.

This semester is just getting started but I am busy, busy, busy. I'm making prints, I'm making comics, I'm making books, I'm making a LOT. And some of it you will have to wait some time to see. But SOME of it, you'll only have to wait a week (ish).

That's because next Saturday, September 21st, I will be debuting CONFESSIONAL: PART I at Twin Cities Zine Fest. Those of you who have been following this project closely know that it has gone through several permutations, ultimately leading me to its final form. CONFESSIONAL is a 4 part zine series, and PART 1 is going to be the first release.


I hope you can make it out to Hennepin County Library on September 21st for this show. There are going to be some incredible cartoonists there, you can wish me a happy birthday (the day after the fact), and you can pick up a copy of the Limited First Edition, which will be numbered to 30. CONFESSIONAL: PART 2 will be released not too long after, on November 2nd, where it will be released at Comic Arts Brooklyn. PARTS 3+4 will likely come early next year.

And there are other things in the works, including some collaborative projects and some longer comics. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this crazy little book. I can't wait to share it with everyone.


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